Ready to get on board?

Following steps describe how you can set up your account in no time.

Create a new account

Make sure you enter a valid email address along with a password that combines capital and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.


Add your phone number

You can use your mobile or office number – up to you!

Link your calendar


Connecting with Google Calendar

If you choose to integrate with your Google calendar, just give permission to connect and it will automatically sync up with your calendar.

If you have multiple Google calendars, will ask you to choose one.

Connecting with Microsoft Outlook

Connecting with Microsoft Outlook

Once you open Outlook, it will automatically sync with our system.

Test it out will dial your number to make sure we can connect you to future calls.

Test it out

Your dashboard

View upcoming calls and choose to edit, snooze, or skip the calls, all from your dashboard!