A personal assistant for busy
sales people with a ton phone calls


How it works

How it works

Three simple steps


Enter your phone number

This is the number Carly.ai will dial to connect you to your scheduled phones calls.


Get connected 30 seconds early

Relax! Carly.ai will call you 30 seconds before your event starts. All you have to do is pick up your phone.


You’ll always be on time.

You can focus on your work while Carly.ai keeps track of your scheduled calls. When it’s time for your phone call, Carly.ai connects you 30 seconds early.

Carly.ai works with all services.

No matter what conference call service you use, Carly.ai can connect you. There is no need to get a new number or fancy URL.*

*Currently works only with US numbers.

Your event information is secure.

We keep your event information safe and sound with 256-bit AES and 256-bit SSL encryption – the strongest security levels available.

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